Friday, September 25, 2009

Check this out...

Look at the kid! Awesome talent..

Monday, September 21, 2009


Hahaha.... finally the blogspot program is working again!!! Once again i can continue uploading my pics and share with all of u..=) So sorry guys, for those who'v been frequently reading my blog; i've been quite occupied and have not got the time to really update my blog. Just to quickly share wif u guys my experience in Christchurch,New Zealand. Finally i was able to 'tick' off one of my "life's checklist", and that's ------ "sky-diving" ...muahahah... =) It was a trumendous and amazing experience. It's really beyond words. You have to try it and experience it urself!! =) The view was great, the weather was very cool n comfortable, abt 14 degrees, with clear blue
sky, and we could still see the snowcaps on the mountains.

Imagine... the aircraft door opens, and u're sitting at the entrance of the aircraft, everything looks soooo tiny from above, u see the clouds, the landscape and the mountains,then the 'fear' sinks in n ur mind tells u, "maybe this is not a good idea after all". But of course, there's no
turning back. 1..2..3...and there we GO! Free-falling 12000ft in the sky... ur adrenaline pumps as u fall, ur heart drops like crazy, ur body loses it's bearing and everythin around u turns for the next few seconds. But after that ur body slowly regains its bearings n balances, and u feel as if u're flying... It was wonderful!! The view was magnificent... As u reach 5000ft, the parachute opens and gradually glides u to the ground. This is the part where u'll enjoy the scenery,the beautiful mountains n landscape. Everything seems so serene and calm frm above...
The whole package wasnt cheap though. But it is a once in a life time experience. It's amazing..!! Here are some shots...

Setting out for the journey... we had to rush and eat our breakfast in the van. =_=

Beautiful mountains... i love them!

Mindy and Eriko.

That's me n AJ

Suiting up and getting ready to go...

(Gosh...I look weird)

That's my camera-man.

Juno, my tendem master. My life in a way, "was on his hands".

Heading out...~
Up, up and away~

Final check on the straps and we'r good to go...

...heart beating faster and faster...


Check out the beautiful view!!

I am really enjoying myself up there...

Chute's out...and we're slowing down...

Gotta keep my feet up for proper landing.

It was just awesome...


Thursday, August 27, 2009


I am getting alil upset with this blogspot program, tht prevents me from posting photos, AGAIN!! It happened before and now it's happening again... Is it my PC? Or is it the program...RRRRrrr.....
And now i cant post my photos to share with my frens.
Btw, does anyone know wats wrong with blogspot?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thank you...

It is always great to have people of faith around, to encourage and inspire you when u'r down... =)
Today i just met up with two wonderful people, whom i was able to spend quality time with. And through our sharing we were able to motivate and inspire each other, our spirits were lifted up! Praise God.. ^ ^
Truly He never cease to amaze me with His timing and favor and blessings and protection and many many more... etc.
Although i m tired after a loooong day today, but I m glad for today is indeed a great day!
Thank again brother Edwin,

And most of all, THANK YOU LORD!

Thursday, July 23, 2009'll be soon....

One more flight to go, and i'll be heading back to KL. Woo~hoo~ i can't wait to go back. I miss my parents, my brother, my room, my bed..etc... and the food!! Oh yesss... i could go food hunting. I believe this trip bck will be a great one!! Not to mention i'll be meeting bck some of my old buddies. I just pray and hope everything will go smoothly...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Endless cycle....

I dunno why, recently I feel as if i am going into depression...again!? Why? I dunno... maybe it's part of the "ups and downs" as one goes through 'life'. After all, life itself is full of different kinds of challenges and obstacles. I've began to lost count of the number of cycles i go thru this wilderness... U mean after all these years i havent been improving?
Every wilderness experience has its season, and purpose. But for every outcome of it should reflect results of improvement, betterment of one's personal character and development. But then... I dun feel much of a change!! Is something wrong??
Here we go again... entering into the 'wilderness'....@_@

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My first trip to hkg-sfo....FUN!!

This was my first trip to hkg-sfo. It was awesome...

"It's always good for the 1st time and subsequently u'll get bored with it..." Well, tht's wat most of the senior crew would say. But i guess for me it'll always be great cos not only do i like hong kong, but my good old buddy is working there!! Oh man... i just saw him few days ago and now i m missing him again... *sigh* (hey, dun get the wrong idea, i m not g**, i m damn "straight" k?)

All the crew were really nice ppl. We hang out together, shopping, sightseeing, i guess we all enjoyed ourselves pretty much. Anyway, it feels as if eveything happened so fast. And i really miss the food in hongkong. So many different varieties and most of them taste good. Especially the dessert!!! Oh my gosh.... the mango desserts!! I m melting now just by imagining it... I've gotta go back there again for all those foooooood!!

This is Quarry Bay Park. I was suppose to meet my dear buddy, Andrew at the station. But i arrived earlier than expected, so i went on exploring myself for awhile...

Hohoho... this is nice, something different. It's shanghai cuisine actually, and the noodles is mixed in 'peanut sauce'. Not too bad, but some might not like it. Cos it's a 'cold dish'

The streets of San Francisco

Big heart for a big world huh...
This is the Union Square, part of the main city. They have almost anything and everything.

We took this tram and headed towards the "Fisherman's Wharf."

We stopped by "Lombord Street" to check out the "zig-zag" street.
It's really zig zagging... Look at those cars turning...

"You need a ride? Com'on in.."

"Fisherman's Wharf"

The food was great, the fish, shrimps and especially the clam chauders were delicious.

This is the famous Alcatraz prison.

Sea Lions!! They love to sun bath in groups... hehe...

The famous Golden Gate bridge in SanFrancisco you always see in movies.

Beautiful weather... just check out the skies...


D'u have any idea wat are these...?

I can't believe I did it...

I ate a freakin worm...~~ ><
Oh my gosh..!!!~ i still cant believe it...

We had our meals in Karl's room and exchange our photos.

The streets of Hong Kong. They never cease to amaze me with their signboards.

Aw.... this is really really good. I forgot to take picture before i ate it...
It's Wanton Noodles. And it taste great!
This is the IFC II building, according to Andrew.
Looks alil familiar? If u saw the movie "Dark Knight"...
Yeah, this is the building Batman jumped down from.

We're in the bus on the way to the "PEAK"

Lining up for the tram. The tram was pretty "steep" as it goes up.

Beautiful view from the PEAK

This was at the Harbour area.

We were suppose to meet up with my fellow crew friends and have dinner altogether. But there were some last minte changes(as always) , and no one turn up. So, it's just the 3 of us. =)

I love it...

Me and my buddy~!

Poor bunny...

Dinner at "Qian Liang". Pretty good japanese food although i wouldnt say it's excellent.
But good enough. =p

Oh my gosh... this is one memorable dessert experience! Especially that 'mango wrap', i cant even remember whats the name. Hm~yummy!!!

The "Avenue of Stars"

"Wa-chooo~~ check out one of my all time favourite star---Bruce Lee!!

Later that evening, we went out to some of the nightclubs.
This one was on the 29th floor!

Karl, Maya, Rae and me.

The next day, we all did some shopping in "Mongkok" area. We had lunch in one of the japanese restaurants. And suddenly there was a big crowd outside. There were some celebrities visiting some shops... and paparazzi(s) were everywhere. I couldnt see clearly who were those, but they looked like S.H.E. I was looking out the glass panel from the restaurant, so i couldnt see much either. Moreover, so many ppl were blocking here and there. But i guess it's common to bump into celebs in places like 'mongkok' , moreover it was a Sunday. Muz be some promotion or advertisement going on.

We head to the 'ladies street' after lunch. I even got myself some shirt. The clothing and fashion here are pretty good. The design and cutting are very trendy and modern. If only i had one more day in Hkg, i'd go shop for some clothing... it's been awhile since i last did my shopping... hehe... =p
Well, i'd say this trip was marvellous!!!