Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good Stuff! woo~hoo

I was kinda looking forward for today's training. Becos I know this is the kind of stuff we as crew should learn about. Although, i had to wake up early this morning( there goes my sleep) to get ready. This was no ordinary workshop, not like any other boring training tht we used to do bck then. This was really practical and fun. We learned how to handle difficult situations,especially when the passenger becomes "physically aggresive".

Our trainer is from Jersey. Very experienced, very practical, professional and a great sense of humour. Of course he is, having many years of experience plus, he was formerly from a "law enforcerment" background. An interesting "reverse psychology" concept he taught us, can't really put it all into words here, but the key point was to have a focused, confident and 'cool' state of mind, in order to counter and diffuse the situation. Anyway, all of us were having a very good time in the training. And we all loved it, enjoyed it. And the best part was, these techniques are applicable anywhere, anytime... really cool.
Thank you, Aaron! I believe we'll put it to good use... *muahaha..


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