Monday, February 23, 2009

Excellent Attitude

It was a loooong day today...but thank God for a peaceful home, or "room". I have began to get used to where i am living now... Praise God for His providence.
Hm... I noticed something very different this morning when i was in the bus on my way to work. I was observing the bus captain. He potrayed an exceptional personality, he looked sharp, bright, very positive. Throughout the whole journey i was just observing him... (now, dun get the wrong idea... =_=) He had a very good attitude towards his work. He was dedicated, professsional, pleasant, friendly, 'smiley'. He greeted each and every passenger who came on the bus, and he would bid them farewell as they were alighting. And each time, with a bright smile, regardless the passengers acknowledge him or not. The bus was quite full, i was standing near him. And each time he made a sharp turn, he would warn the passengers standing beside the "coin machine" to becareful, asking them to hold on n not fall off.
Wow...i thought he had an excellent attitude, very dedicated. You dun see bus captains like that very often. And i thought, this should be the kind of attitude we should have towards our work. I have to admit, sometimes i feel so "not like working" and i would drag myself to work. Yeah, its not healthy at all... I should be looking forward to it, and do my best to be excellent in my work. And I remembered bck in LRC, Ps. Dexter used to preach about having the "Spirit of Excellence". Wherever we are, whatever job/career we're in, we should always strive to excel, and be good in it! Becos we are to set a good example.
I was glad that morning, i think he'd reap what he sows... I was happy for him.

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