Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just Getting Started

Today, i've just started a new blog... finally, I've decided that I should start a new blog. Maybe some of you might say "finally..." . Well, yeah, i think i need to start learning how to share with people. I have to admit, it is one of my 'flaws'.
Hm...took me the whole day just trying to understand the whole system. Yeap... alot of time spent on "experimenting" and "testing" and "fiddling" around. I can't help but realise how outdated i am in these areas. Sad...! Anyway, I have just recovered from a flu, thank God! No more mucus and runny nose. Yeah~!!

Due to the recent economy crisis, my flights have been critically affected. Basically, less flights = less money. This is bad... But still, life goes on right? Well, at least I have not come to the point of being 'retrenched'. That's what i thank God for everyday! There are many ppl out there who lose their jobs and struggling to find new ones. I believe the worst are those who'r mid 30's-40's who suddenly just lost their means of income. With all the commitments and plans they have, i wonder how are they coping..?

Seems that this "recession cycle" is coming closer n closer every cycle. Used to be every 10-12 yrs, and now it's like 6-8 yrs. I can't imagine what's coming ahead of us. How does one have proper financial planning and security? Recession proof?

It's a new year, but i guess alot of ppl aren't very happy with all these turmoil and crisis. Perhaps this is also a time where many ppl will begin to realise how little and insignificant they are, tht nothing much can be done regardless how much effort they put in, as if everything they've built just came crushing down.

...Perhaps, in the midst of these struggles and hopelessness, we would have no choice but to 'hope' and 'pray'... and turn to the One who has the solution.


  1. cool...

    glad u have a blog

    now we are connected!

  2. Hai, Yi Zuo here~~~
    Fanny gave me your new blog website, so I drop by for a look.

    Nice to see you are sharing a lot of your life, keep it on.

    And, for the crisis, my opinion is just get through it and survive, things will get better in the end.

    If this is a circle, then it means better things are coming after this, isn't it?

    Since we enjoy all the good times before this, then we have to go through a bit of this bad times after all, life are just all about ups and downs.

    Keep up the effort!

    And, although I had a LJ account, but I seldom update that, so if you really want to check out my blog, might as well check out the Chinese one.