Friday, February 27, 2009

Recent happenings...

I 've just came across another recent news about plane crashes, AGAIN!? It's been happening quite often lately around the world, aviation accident cases. This time it happened to turkish airlines. Plane crashed and tore into three parts... woow.... feels kinda 'ouch' ...

Besides, there was a recent bombing in Cairo, Egypt. It happened at the Bazaar area... I just came back from Cairo not long ago... Thank God it did not happen that time. I heard some of the crew there were actually planing to go to the bazaar that night. But somehow it didn't work out and everyone just remained in the hotel. Thankfully... if not...
Everywhere is getting dangerous nowadays...
O Lord, may Your hand be upon me always... like how You sheltered David in Ps 91. Thank You Lord!! =)
Let's all be alert and vigilant at all times, nomatter where we are, cos you never know what will happen. Our lives are really precious... let's learn to be grateful always and appreciate what we have and not take things for granted. Be safe everyone... and... ENJOY LIFE!! woo~hoo...


  1. my sister just came back from there also! thank god!! should enjoy life! god bless us!

  2. Like cantonese said " find eat difficult".
    God bless you my brother!

  3. Verine,
    yeah, i understand...thankfully your sister was okay. Sometimes this kinda thing can be quite frightening. I pray that you have a safe and wonderful trip back to malaysia, ya? Looking forward to our "group re-union" =)