Sunday, February 22, 2009

Refreshing Presence

It's been awhile since i last step into church. Oh my... the feeling... i somehow miss it...yeah... i miss the presence of God...The feeling was just awesome... I always remember the way Pastor Tan described, when everything pressures and closes around you, and you would feel so dry and sufficated; and the moment you step into the auditorium, *bloop* it's like stepping through an "invisible bubble"...when suddenly, you feel all the stress, pressures and negative energy being 'stripped' away and insantly, you feel the air is different, the atmosphere is different, surrounded by positive energies...'s so refreshing...and such is the presence of God.
I was able to spend some time with some of the cell members after the service. Catching up with a few people....gosh... i havent seen them for quite some time...yeah, of course i missed them. And this cell is such that one will never grow hungry... The amount of food they prepare everytime is always soooo.... well, take a look urself... I can only praise God!!

God is wonderful, somehow even in the midst of fellowship, He ministered to me through a fellow brethren. He inspired me through his own personal life story, and again and again he encouraged me not to give up hope, not to lose sight of my vision again. He kept on encourage me to pursue my dreams, to make my dreams a reality... Somehow through all his sharing, it added some "coals" to the dying flame inside me.

From the MRT until I reach home, I kept asking myself again and again...Can i do it? Is it really possible? Can I GIVE UP EVERYTHING and move towards what God had put in my heart so many years ago...?

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