Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Surprise visit

Today was great... My dear mom came into s'pore to meet up with me. Together came At. Ivy and my friend, Kai Leng. Although we didn't do much, but we did alot of catching up. We had lunch together at Hougang, in a restaurant---Siam Kitchen. The food was good, especially the beef noodles. It's my all-time favourite. Which reminds me of Annie, we used to eat there now and then, and she would always order the beef noodles. But i had the green curry rice, and conclusion---not excellent. I think my mom could do better. =)

We had other stuff as well, some appitizers and some desert. After that we went walking around in the mall, window shopping. We did alot of walking up and down, here and there... And my poor mom was tired becos of her "knee" problem. She said she went to the gym!? (wow... tht's rare...) yeah, and she kinda over did it yesterday.
Poor mom ~ But anyway, thank you all for coming in. Especially my dear mom, Really appreciate it for making ur trip here...love you! ^ ^

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