Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Changing Lives

I am so excited of what God is doing in my life! Everyday is a new day, everyday I have something to look forward to, knowing that God is in control, knowing I have His approval, His favor, His blessings in my life. Oh yes, the challenges and trials i am facing increases as I continue on my journey, but nevertheless, His power, His grace and His blessings increases even more! Praise God.

This trip to Beijing was awesome... 3 of us decided to "chong -ar" without any sleep after we reach the hotel. We head straight for brunch then, we continued on to "The Summer Palace". It's a beautiful place. Makes me want to sing and read poetry...=p haha.. In fact, we did try and it all sounds >.<>

Oh yes... the best part of this trip, wasn't all the exploring and sightseeing, but the quality time spent together bulding 'relationships'. It was the exploration of the heart and soul of an unbeliever. It was just awesome. It was no coincidence that we were the 1st customers as our friend brought us to this "grilled" fish joint. The shop was not ready to serve. But they allowed us to be seated 1st anyway. And i believe it was no coincidence that they arranged us to seat in an enclosed room; just the four of us, away from the 'noisy crowd' (which later occured). We had the privacy we needed.

And the Holy spirit just came down... I could feel His presence even as we share. Another awesome thing was, my fellow friend Matthew, is a christian too! And we attend the same church! We didn't know each other before, and i only found out when he started sharing, which sounds familiar with what i've heard in church. We both were so surprised, and then excited to know tht we were of the same faith. He was sharing with the girls about how the christian God is related to Ancient China. This was a powerful topic preached by our pastor last month. Our fellow colleague, who was from China, understood quickly as Matthew related the "chinese wordings/characters" with christianity(I was quite amazed myself as i missed those sessions in church). I shared some of my personal stories to greater inspire and stir her spirit. She and her friend were surprisingly, very open to what we were sharing, as the presence of God filled the entire room... Praise God!!

After everything was over, when we were walking around in the Summer palace, Matthew told me something interesting... he said that he met her even before this flight, and he had the intention of sharing the love of Christ to her. Initially he wanted to only spend 'one-on-one' quality time with her. But then in the aircraft, he felt really comfortable working with me and felt something different about me. So, he decided tht we all could go together for sightseeing. He probably thought of sharing the love of Christ to me as well... As for my part, I felt the same way, i felt at peace with him. He was very receptive, humble and had a great learning attitude.

I told the Lord the night before this flight, that I wanted to experience something different in this trip, i wanted to make a difference, to be a blessing to someone in this flight, be it small or even insignificant. And God answered my prayers! I was so glad that all these happened. It was like a divine appointment. And i believe we have made a difference in her life. We may not be the ones who lead her the sinners prayer, but we know deep in our hearts, that we have definitely sowed 'quality' seeds that will eventually lead her to her final destiny.

At the end of the flight, when we were back in Singapore, when i shook Matthew's hand and looked at each other, we could see it in each other's eye, before we parted our ways was definitely an awesome flight! Not only did we make a difference in an unbeliever, but we inspired and encouraged each other as part of the Body of Christ! Praise God!


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