Monday, March 9, 2009

A little Disappointed

I was suppose to meet an old friend in this trip to Perth. But unfortunately, the timing was soooo not "right". He had to leave for a company trip to elsewhere on the day itself. *RRrrrr* talk about bad timing....*sigh* Well, i was disappointed in a way... but still, this trip was not too bad either. We still had a good time exploring around the city. Checked out some departmental stores, did some shopping...(the girls shopped quite a bit btw... =p) , I bought some books.

Surprisingly, we saw a few couples getting married the same day. One was in the streets, one occasion was in the hotel, another was at the Fremantle Market. Yeah, We went to the famous Fremantle Market. The market itself wasnt very big, but still they had quite a number of shops inside. It's like a big "warehouse" building with different shops and booths inside. Hm, not too bad...

They also had street performances by different groups, which are very common in australia. Yeah, it was interesting. The girls even had their potrait drawn by a chinese uncle by the side of the coffee house. Not an excellent work of art though, i must say... =p

Oh yeah, and there was a food court outside of the warehouse, which sells all kinds of cuisine, mainly Asian. And it was about time our stomachs growled. "I can't live without spicy food!! Not even for one day!" Mala said. So, we decided on something more of a "homie" feel. They had Japanese, Korean, Thai...etc. And one of them was "Authentic Malaysian Food" ..."Woo~hoo~" we cried, "What are we waiting for!?" At last sumthing familiar....However, it was a total DISAPPOINTMENT!! ~Oh MY GOSH!!! I can't find the words to describe the food... T_T We felt soooo cheated... lol...

Wedding Bells on the streets of Perth City! *Congratulations*
"Hm...we did notice the tummy of the bride, is she pregnant?" ...=p

Fremantle Market
"Isn't she pretty? Yeah...i was referring to the adorable umbrella..." =p

"Does anyone know what's the name of the 'wind instrument" that guy is playing?"

Dinner at the casino
"Oh btw, the laksa which i ordered, 'looks good" but taste weird!"
U can hardly find good authentic Asian food in Aussie.


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