Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nothing much...

This trip to Frankfurt was a normal one. Nothing much happened, nothing special, nothing new, other than being extremely exhausted. But i did rest quite abit in the hotel. The beds are i sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep... Each time i come here, i wun miss the delicious spinach and pizza!! It's really nice, and it's different because of the way they prepare it . They use 'woodfire' to heat n cook the food. Therefore u could feel more "crisp"
as u bite and munch... ~shiook~

After our meal, somehow crew would do the "usual ritual" by taking a stroll down town to the "branded shops". Well, as for me, i went "chocolate" hunting. Hehe... I love chocolates. Overall, this trip was a good one because most of our crew were really wonderful people. We enjoyed our time together. But one of our girls suddenly got infected by conjunctivitis. ...Poor Marina...she had to "pax' back with us to singapore. But thank God it was not a serious case. We called the doctor, visited her, gave her some eye-drops. Well, i hope she recover soon. It reminded me of my previous job, when i was working in the eye clinic--- oh my, the amount of 'eye-related' problems we see everytime. Cant help but we became really cautious with our 'eyes'.

Get well soon, Marina! =)

Here's another cool movie which i m looking forward this year! =)


  1. so cool! Man what about the Autobot! seem like Decepticon rulez!

  2. yea man... i m curious as in what story will it lead to this time. Optimus Prime is so freakin tiny! haha... Tough fight for them this time!