Thursday, April 2, 2009


I was on leave for a couple of days last week. i was glad tht i could catch up with some of my 'old-buddies'. Some of them i have not seen in 8-10 yrs. It was a great gathering. We had barbecue, played some games, chatting and fooling around... Well , it brings back lots of good old memories together.I thank God for all the good times... =)

This was another session with my ex-colleagues. We had a wonderful steamboat buffet in Serdang. Verine was the one who brought us there. Oh i enjoyed it very very much! Thanks Verine! =) It has been awhile since we all came out together like this. Especially Carmen and Verine, havent seen them for ages! And Carmen is expecting another one! Congrates! =)
This was the crazy group of PBC(Persatuan Bahasa Cina) members back in High School days. Some of them i havent seen in a decade!

We went to support "Kevin's concert" in "Wings Cafe" , Kepong. His singing improved alot, i was amazed. =) Bravo bravo, Kevin!!
Kevin , Denise and myself.

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  1. Hey, the BBQ pictures is only 3, is that all?
    If you have others, remember to pass it to us XD!