Monday, April 6, 2009

Sakura season!

Tokyo was cool! I finally saw it with my own eyes~ @_@ ...haha...Cherry Blossoms!! It's really beautiful...I've only seen it in movies and animes, but never the real thing. Although this time i had to sight-see around myself(again), but it was worth the effort. The weather was perfect, not too cold nor hot. The parks were beautiful, filled with different kinds of flowers and trees. Very peaceful, very serene, scenic... Especially when the wind comes and all the sakura petals start flying around... the view was just awesome!!

I went to 3 diferent parks and all had their own unique scene and beauty. And the cool thing was people would just gather and picnic under the sakura trees. It seem so relaxing...gathering with friends and family, chatting, playing, fooling around,eating...etc..How I wish I could join them... =p Some even seize the opportunity to spend time with their lovers, dating =) sweet... I even saw a young couple living in their own 'world', cuddling and kissing each other, totally ignorant to the public. (...i'm so jealous, y am i still single..?=p)

In Ueno Park, the picnic thingy was CRAZY, almost every turn i take i could see ppl 'picnic-ing', and the amount of ppl gathered there was overwhelming. I could hardly take big steps. But all of them seem to enjoy themselves. There were lots of tourist too, probably one of it's peak seasons for tourist becos of the cherry blossoms. They had hawker stalls set up in the parks selling soba noodles, udons, fried-stuffs...etc. They even had a mini-amusement rides for the kids to play.

I wanted to visit the zoo though, but the time was short. Yeah, one thing abt sightseeing is tht before u know it, time's up! But still, I really enjoyed my time here! Thank God for His grace and favor! =)
This was just outside Takebashi station.

Interesting flower...i wonder what kind?

This was within the Imperial Palace, nice view...

Up ontop of "Tenshudai"

I'd love to join them for picnic!

Guess what's the long queue about? An amazing queue for the toilets!

Crazy crowd in Ueno Park. Well, I guess that explains the toilet queue.

This building's a parking lot. The car enters, driver comes out, and the staff sends the car up with a button. Interesting huh?

Don't be fooled, the best food around is always behind these little back alleys. I had a wonderful "tempura with soba noodles". Yummy! =)

I've posted more pics in the slides at the bottom of the page. Enjoy and feel free to comment ya!!


  1. Sh*t...I'm expecting photos like this when you told me you went to Tokyo...

    Don't tempt me or I will travel there next year!!

  2. hey bun bun...
    u should if u can.. =)
    u wun regret it! =p