Sunday, May 17, 2009

I am BlesseD!!

It was a blessed weekend! Thank God I was able to attend both the Saturday and Sunday services. The presence of God was strong. Praise God for wonderful people in the cell group. They have again blessed me and inspired me. And I really thank God for Ps. Kong for his powerful sermon on Saturday. It's been months since i heard him preach...
Why? Cos, firstly, most of the time i m not around becos of my schedule, and 2nd, even if i m around to attend the services, somehow it was always someone else preaching, be it invited guest or another pastor. I am so glad I was able to see him this time. And the best thing is this... Ps. Kong is gonna give bible study classes on the Book Of Solomon. It consists of 5 different sessions, and all the dates fell right btw my "Off Days". Praise God!! I can hear them all!!! Woo~hoo~

We had a special guest singer this weekend. He is TORO, from ENERGY, taiwan famous pop singer!! (although i hardly hear his songs) I was surprised he made it all the way here to perform for us. And i just found out he became a christian not too long ago. Praise God!!

interviewing TORO...

This was Sunday morning, we had another special guest speaker, Dr. Grace Kim Sung Hae. She's the wife of Dr. David Yong-Gi Cho. They co-founded the largest church in the world--- Yoido Full Gospel Church, Seoul--Korea She shared many of her personal life stories and experiences which inspired all of us. She is such a wonderful person, kind, loving and so motherly... hehe... no wonder Ps. Kong said she was his spiritual mom. God has done many great and mighty works through this humble servant. She has impacted millions of ppl around the world. And many many more mighty works she WILL DO in the near future. God bless you Dr. Kim. Amen!

Lunch session with Ligar and Shirley.
Below is another clip which i was very much encouraged and inspired... It's an interview session with another famous Taiwan pop singer/dancer. God has done a powerful work on him, transforming his entire life, direction, vision and values. He gave himself fully unto God, vowing to put God Himself FIRST over every other area of his life. He is really a role-model. Praise God! God is really engaging the culture and the world of entertainment industry. Enjoy~

Vanness, keep up the good work! May the Light of God be upon you always!


  1. When Kelvin forwarded the email to me, I thought of this Toro but was thinking it was impossible coz I didn't recall him to be a Christian. Zen zhi dao zhen de shi ta! You saw him b4 remember? My one and only autograph from him...^^

    Talking about God engaging people in the entertainment industry, refer to David Tao. However for Leehom, he has made a comment about Christianity in pop music which I am still in doubt...

    Been mia from CHC for the past few weeks. Wil be back in action this coming weekend!

  2. I believe God is moving in LeeHom's life too. I believe one day sumthing's gonna happen.
    That's good... Glad that u will be able to make it for church this weekend. Be strong ya!=)

  3. Hahaha, u must have love that shirt very much~
    To say the truth, I didn't noticed it if you didn't mentioned it, I would just take it that you went to so much places in one day.

  4. Dxxx it...I post in the wrong blog...this comment was supposed to be for the one underneath...