Friday, May 29, 2009

Training Time~

These two days have been fruitful. Not only did i get to refresh my memory of all the training I went through 2 years ago, but there were new insights as to how to be more safety conscious and aware of the dangers tht might occur throughout the course of my work. I thank God for my trainers, they were really good, and they made the classes interesting and hillarious. Pointers tht were given to us were very straightforward and direct. I didnt feel draggy nor bored, everything just went smoothly.

Pump pump pump it!

Yeah! SHOCK him up... BzzzzZZTT..!!

Crash Landing/Ditching drill

I look desperate..."Aaaaah...i dun wanna die~~"

"Let me out! Let me out!"

"No no no... passengers can wait, I'll jump first!" =p

The stupid door wun close... =_+

Fire fighting drill
This is one of my trainer, Robert. He's hillarious and he loves to dance~ =0)

My two other batch mates, Puva and Amanda.


  1. hm.. the girl doing the CPR on the first picture looks like my batch girl/ ex-housemate, elaine wong! is it her??


  2. If i remember correctly, she's called Elaine, but i m not sure of her last name.
    Btw, who's this who wrote the comment? =p

  3. then its must be her. haha.. wandy here! =)

  4. hey, looks like fun man!
    btw, your "desperate look" look more like in the WC. :p

  5. Oooh...Wandy!!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog...=)
    She's really ur batch girl? Its a small world.. Seems tht everyone knows somebody somehow among the aircrew...hehe.. =)

  6. yeap! catch up again when u come back! safe flight always~~