Thursday, May 14, 2009


Firstly, many many apologies to those who'v been faithfully reading my blog, so so sorry for the late updates. Well, mainly was because, there weren't much interesting happenings...Second, i was pretty busy with some other things. But thank God everything is over... So now i can relax abit.... muahahaha... ^o^
Finally...!! Today, I've completed the aircraft training i've been waiting for after so d*** long. Now, i m looking forward for more interesting places to go...Yeah yeah... Paris, Milan, Houston, Zurich, San Franscisco, New York, ...HERE I COME!!

Let me rewind.... This was my previous trip to Frankfurt. Oh gosh! Again! Frankfurt! T_T

Looks..... fattening...

Our dear captain... Look at him, he looks like the Luigi in Supermario! =p

Guess his age? he looks soooo young!!
A recent Bangkok trip. It was my 1st time though, nightstopping in Bangkok. Good food, cheap goods... I must come back here for holiday!
Open performance in the food court itself, cool huh...sorry i forgot the name of tht place. But it was surprisingly empty, not much crowd.
That's Tarrence, cool guy, malaysian too... We click pretty well.
Ahem...just incase u guys wondering why am i wearing the same shirt... well, it's just so happen, i DO wash my clothing. =p


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