Thursday, June 11, 2009

It was a good trip...=)

Hie everyone... sorry for the late updates. Have been busy with some other chorrs and work and legal documents.... Rrrrr...i m soooo gonna explode now... anyway , below are some pics of wat happened to me for the past 10 days.

This was in Dubai, Angsana Hotel. It's a really nice hotel, our rooms are like 'suites'. We have a large bed, a 'kitchen corner' with a big washing machine (?), stove, big refridgerator/freezer, drawers and compartments filled with crockery and pots and pans... etc

Myself, Nadia and Nurul

Dubai is one of those places filled with amazing skyscrappers. They are built close to each other , side by side, it is well designed, new and modern compared to many other countries i've seen. They seem to be doing a good job in these areas. *applause*

In the shuttle bus, heading out to the Emirates Mall.

Emirates Mall wasn't too disappointing after all... It was claimed to be the largest mall in the world. They have almost everything...

They claimed this to be the largest aquarium in the world too... But i doubt so...
It IS big, but i m sure there are even bigger aquariums than this.

We had a drinking session after a looooong day.
We played games, chit chat and quite enjoyed ourselves.

Cindy and me =)

Zin and Shu Lay.
Zin's really one of a kind! He's hillarious, funny, friendly, he's got style, and a very pleasant personality.We just enjoy teasing him and making fun of him the whole time,and being who he is, he's sporting enough to put up with our is also very dependable too when it comes to work.Haha... Zin, you'r the man!! =)
Skiing areas in a desert city?? That's a good way to 'cool down'...
After all, it's a freakin 42 degrees here!!!

This was our last feast in Dubai before we headed home the next morning.Just look at the food!! They'r delicious!!It was kinda long flight this time. But nevertheless, it was worth our time and effort.We really bond and made good friends with one another. It was a good trip!

Back in Singapore.
This is another new interesting japanese joint in Tampines One.


Ligar and Laura

Aaahh~yeah~ feelin' sexy with the pink?? =p
(okok, they forced it on me! i didn't ask for this! )

This was the food we had in our recent Sydney trip.
Interesting "pink"-ish soup color.
It's not too bad though... i've tried it. =)

Ooooooh~~ this is delicious.
I enjoyed this thai-style Beef Noodles Soup!!
The soup is thick and spicy... Oh my gosh, i can have another one right now!

My classmate Lynette. Finally, after sooooo long, this is my 1st time flying with one of my other classmates. I never had the opportunity until now. And i m looking forward for more of it.

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