Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Endless cycle....

I dunno why, recently I feel as if i am going into depression...again!? Why? I dunno... maybe it's part of the "ups and downs" as one goes through 'life'. After all, life itself is full of different kinds of challenges and obstacles. I've began to lost count of the number of cycles i go thru this wilderness... U mean after all these years i havent been improving?
Every wilderness experience has its season, and purpose. But for every outcome of it should reflect results of improvement, betterment of one's personal character and development. But then... I dun feel much of a change!! Is something wrong??
Here we go again... entering into the 'wilderness'....@_@


  1. Really understand your feelings right now.Maybe I know What's my 1st step now, but still got other things to solve along the way,that's why I got abit depression too...All I can say is no matter what you do, don't hold back...cheers mate !

  2. hey bro... most of the times when we go thru this "cycle" again and again is due to just one thing: that perhaps we haven't GONE THRU IT... most times, we let it PASS US BY...

    Well, perhaps u can say it's a test. A test for this one cycle... the moment u pass it, u go to the next level... so, cheers! Hang close to God & He will see u thru. :)

  3. Thanks Kevin, u too... dun give up hope in pursuing what u want to do. I believe u'r still very passionate towards your dreams. =)

    Thank you Rachel, I understand wat u mean... Its just sometimes I feel so helpless, and disgusted. But regardless, it's a process that i must go through... There's no way out and stopping is not an option, i can only continue walking forward, hoping and believing for the best!