Sunday, July 5, 2009

Finally~ It's working again! ^ ^

I havent been writing much lately, cos I was really busy. Had alot going on recently. But all is still well and i believe life is getting better. =) Gotta stay focus and positive~! hehe... =)

These photos are taken during my recent trip to Moscow. The city itself is pretty much just like any other city. Nothing really special or extraordinary. But still, this time the weather was pretty good, so we just went out exploring. After all, i didnt go out my last trip, cos it was crazily cold... (-10 degrees)

Check out tht pegion on his head...

The streets of Moscow

Look at those cute lil things... Btw, this was along the subway station.
Notice the size of the shop. It's just barely 4ft...

We found an "Istanbul" style of coffee house. Intersting.

Heading towards the main attraction---The Red Square.

One thing abt the buildings in here, it reminds me of my "LEGO" toys. =p
The whole building is "drawn outlined"... Very intersting...
But i wonder why?

OOoh~ look... colorful "onions"...

This place was reserved as a memorial for those who died in the war effort.

Doggie talking to a crane? =_+

Heading into the "space station".

This is one of the longest escalator I ever got on in my life.
It took us about 3 minutes to reach the top.

Buffet breakfast with the my fellow crew. =)



  1. It will be perfect if can bring lover along too.

  2. you're so right bro...
    if only i had one...=p