Monday, September 21, 2009


Hahaha.... finally the blogspot program is working again!!! Once again i can continue uploading my pics and share with all of u..=) So sorry guys, for those who'v been frequently reading my blog; i've been quite occupied and have not got the time to really update my blog. Just to quickly share wif u guys my experience in Christchurch,New Zealand. Finally i was able to 'tick' off one of my "life's checklist", and that's ------ "sky-diving" ...muahahah... =) It was a trumendous and amazing experience. It's really beyond words. You have to try it and experience it urself!! =) The view was great, the weather was very cool n comfortable, abt 14 degrees, with clear blue
sky, and we could still see the snowcaps on the mountains.

Imagine... the aircraft door opens, and u're sitting at the entrance of the aircraft, everything looks soooo tiny from above, u see the clouds, the landscape and the mountains,then the 'fear' sinks in n ur mind tells u, "maybe this is not a good idea after all". But of course, there's no
turning back. 1..2..3...and there we GO! Free-falling 12000ft in the sky... ur adrenaline pumps as u fall, ur heart drops like crazy, ur body loses it's bearing and everythin around u turns for the next few seconds. But after that ur body slowly regains its bearings n balances, and u feel as if u're flying... It was wonderful!! The view was magnificent... As u reach 5000ft, the parachute opens and gradually glides u to the ground. This is the part where u'll enjoy the scenery,the beautiful mountains n landscape. Everything seems so serene and calm frm above...
The whole package wasnt cheap though. But it is a once in a life time experience. It's amazing..!! Here are some shots...

Setting out for the journey... we had to rush and eat our breakfast in the van. =_=

Beautiful mountains... i love them!

Mindy and Eriko.

That's me n AJ

Suiting up and getting ready to go...

(Gosh...I look weird)

That's my camera-man.

Juno, my tendem master. My life in a way, "was on his hands".

Heading out...~
Up, up and away~

Final check on the straps and we'r good to go...

...heart beating faster and faster...


Check out the beautiful view!!

I am really enjoying myself up there...

Chute's out...and we're slowing down...

Gotta keep my feet up for proper landing.

It was just awesome...



  1. Hey Darrian! Ferinna here. My first time reading ur blog. Thought I'd drop a msg to say hi :)
    Wow I signed up for skydiving at CHC too, but too bad the weather wasn't good that day, so it got cancelled. Next time I WILLLLL DO IT!!

  2. Hi darrian, Aunty Stephanie here. saw aunty carol commented on your photo on facebook and that leads me to your blog.....and guess what? Skydiving is also one of my life checklist! surprise leh for old aunty like me....
    Just a few questions:
    1. why do you choose NZ ?
    2. How much for the sky diving?
    3. was the cameraman, photo taking is part of the package?
    4. How long was the whole thingy?

  3. Wow Darrian u did it! I pondered and pondered but end up didnt do it in Auckland cos I had very bad jet lag that time. I am so glad that you enjoyed yourself! :)

    Jayne. (ur batchgirl :p)